Welcome to Kew Giggles.

Our setting has been created by merging and sharing the knowledge gained from many years of caring for children of all ages. This includes a great deal of experience and awareness of children’s developmental needs and the stages at which these can be expected.


At Giggles we aim to incorporate the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage with an emphasis on learning through play. However, we also recognise that not all children go through each stage at the same pace, in which case we would incorporate suitable games and learning tools to adapt.


All staff and managers implement our experiences and qualifications into our setting so that you and your child can feel content that they are safe, happy and well looked after while they are in our care.

We hope that this website gives you a clearer idea about us and what we offer.

If you are considering placing your child in our care, we ask that you take the time to read through the detail on this site. If you have any further questions regarding our childcare please do not hesitate to contact us.