A little peak inside Gloucester rd. 

Our messy room has a selection of art and craft equipment, with an additional selection of games and toys. It has child appropriate tables and chairs. 

The room also doubles up as our dining room at meal times and sleep room at quiet times! 

We are able to offer each child a cot to sleep in during naps. We have black out blinds and the room is kept at a comfortable temperature according to the season. The sleep room can cater for up to 6 children sleeping at one time. 



Our sleep room.  its set up in our back room or messy room as we call it! 

We open travel cots daily and close them down after nap time. 

For children who have mornings nap, we often taken them out on their pram for a short walk and let them sleep, or if all the rest of the children are out in the garden, we set a cot up for them. 


Our garden!

With a very spacious garden, we have a different range of features, climbing frame, slide, small trampoline, a wooden wendy house, water tray, and a discovery table. 

The children enjoy outdoor space every day during our daily sessions. 



Our front play room has an array of toys on display, all at child height and labelled with both writing and pictures.  we try to incorporate as many natural material for the children to explore and also objects from the evryday life. 


We have a cosy sofa for our children to relax in and a selection of books for them to choose. 


The Front play room also offers a wonderful selection of kitchen and imaginary play equipment alongside a mix of  construction toys.