The cottage,   base in Cambridge road. 

Our calming sitting room, is an extension to the other rooms, where children can relax, read and explore a range of toys we have available for them. We also dpuble up this space for matresses where the children enjoy their npas and quiet time. 




Our garden, equipped with water play, sand trays, stepping stones and many more toys for the children to use, explore and develop their physical skills. 


We encourage the children to help water the plants and look after our garden and we are planning to plant a vegetable and herbs patch for them. 


Our messy room, where we offer messy activities for the children from cooking, playdough, painting, gloop etc, 


This is where the children will also have their meals, we have their cutlery, plates and cups at a child level for them,  to encourage independence and a sense of belonging in the setting.  We do lots of cooking with the children to encourage healthy eating. 


On the other side of this room, there is also a range of available toys for them to explore. 



The messy room continues, with some more equipment, and more toys to help the children's imagination through play.

Amongst others we have a small wooden kitchen, wooden and natural materials that they can explore and learn with. 

A selection of music instruments, construction and surfaces for them to do mark making and puzzles etc. 



Our music or cosy room is designed to invite children to come in relax, read stories and enjoy more quitter space than the main playrooms.