Typical menu



Breakfast: Porridge and Fruit, occasionally we offer them croissants or crumpets

snack: Fruit, crackers with butter, bread stick with hummus.

Lunch:      Cheese and Tomato pasta with cucumber sticks and

                 Fruit, scrambble eggs and beans, tuna pasta. 

Dinner:  sausage caseroles, chicken caseroles, lamb caseroles. 

           Organic plain Yoghurt or Fruit 



Breakfast: Porridge and Fruit

Snack: Fruit or dry fruit 

Lunch:     Homemade pitta bread with homemade Humus and salad crudities

                and Fruit

Dinner:    Spaghetti bolognaise (homemade sauces), stir fry's 

                 Homemade ice lollies or/and  fruit 



Breakfast:- Porridge and Fruit,

Snack: bread sticks and homemade hummus or vegetable sticks

Lunch:-      Quiche with steam broccoli and sweet corn.


Dinner:-    Wild steamed Salmon and basmati Rice with steam vegetables




Breakfast:- Porridge and Fruit,

Snack: Cracker bread and butter

Lunch:-      cheese wraps and steam carrots and cucumber.


Dinner:-    Ratatouille and cuscus /lentils and rice



All food is cooked daily on site by one of the Staff. The Babies eat a blended or fork mashed version of any dinner meal and for lunch we offer them  finger food and either a meal that has been cooked from the previous day, or an organic baby food pouch of varied sorts. 



Snacks include items such as 

Rice cakes,  bread sticks, fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese or cracker bread. 


Snacks are offered twice a day 

at 10 am and 3 pm 

The children are given their water cups to keep throughout the day. 


90% of our food is organic and homemade. 

100% of our dairy products are organic. And our fruits and vegetable come from our local green grocer. 

We buy our grains like pasta, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, chia, dry fruit and oats in bulk from the local organic compaty to reduce on packaging. 

We are very proud of our carbon footprint and we make it our business to be environmentally friendly by cooking a lot of our produce at home and not buying foods that is sold in wasteful packages. We buy our meat from the local butchers at the village. 

all our baby wipes are biodegradable as well as our nappy sacks, and bin liners.