Waiting list


It is often very difficult for us to be able to predict our availability several months in advance.

It is also very difficult for us to be able to confirm if we have a space if parents are unsure about the dates they are returning to work and if so what days they may be. If you are looking for childcare we ask that you contact us no more than 4 months before you expect to
need a space by filling in the form on the contact us page.


It is important for parents to understand we work our way through our waiting list based on several considerations. The date of contact, the age of the child, the sessions needed and the start date. Please note: This may mean that we can accommodate a parent needing only 1 or 2 half day sessions sooner than we can accommodate a parent who may be in need of 3 or 4 full days regardless of the date of contact. We cannot hold onto spaces until others free up and as such we fill the spaces we have as they become available.